Saturday, 6 July 2013


The Southbank Centre publish a new video to promote their "Festival Wing" plan:

Just as we predicted only yesterday, the Southbank Centre have published a new video urging the public
to support the relocation of the skatepark (and therefore destruction of the current iconic one).

Our response to the video:

1: This video proves that the Southbank Centre have no intention of listening to the public and considering keeping the current skating area where it is.

2: It suggests that campaigners have been lying to the public, telling them that the Southbank Centre is getting rid of skateboarders, when in reality the message has always been clear that we all wish to preserve the current skatepark because of its iconic status and cultural history.

3: The comments Jude Kelly makes about supporting the users of the undercroft with lighting, security and heating are false. Firstly, there is no heating there at all. Secondly, they are a public building therefore providing lighting and security on their premises is a legal requirement. Also, note her body language as soon she says these things.

4: They clearly did not move Starbucks out because they do not support big chain retail units as they seem to be insinuating, as they have plenty others still on site. Furthermore, it was the Southbank Centre that put Starbucks there in the first place!!


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