Sunday, 15 September 2013


After weekend of talks with the Southbank Centre at the Open Forum meetings at Coin Street, the conclusion is for the public and users of the undercroft to raise £17million in 6 months if they wish to save it!!

As predicted, this weekend of talks has been an utter farce. Members of the Long Live Southbank campaign, local skaters and Skylon from SOS Resistance spent hours trying to make the Southbank Centre artistic director Jude Kelly, director of partnerships Mike McCart and the CEO Alan Bishop, understand the artistic and cultural importance of preserving the iconic undercroft.

The ridiculously impossible agreement that the Southbank Centre offered was that if the public (along with the preservation campaigns) can raise £17million in 6 months,  the undercroft can be saved.

To view the official reports taken on the day by facilitators Devoted & Disgruntled click here.


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